Madison Daniels: a SoapBook update

Madison Daniels glanced in the mirror and smiled back at her reflection one last time. A slim size 6, she was always impeccably dressed, from her black Christian Louboutin Yoyo Slings to her black Prada suit and cream Roberto Cavalli top underneath.

Madison oozed style, and rightly so. Blonde hair, aquamarine eyes, accented perfectly by her makeup, Madison was not only the owner, but also Editor-in-Chief of one of London’s up and coming fashion and glamour magazines.
  Lingering indecisively for a moment over her perfume choices, her perfect cupid pout formed an “o” as the different choices were contemplated.. 

Which one?

Gucci? Chanel? Donna Karan?  

Her hands lovingly trailed over the different bottles, and eventually settled for the bulky, square cut glass of her bottle of Coco, French manicured nails pulled at the bottle’s stopper and she daubed a bit on her pulse points, before grabbing her classic, vintage Gucci handbag, and made for the door, where Madison knew her morning cab would be waiting to whisk her away from her spacious three bedroom flat in the heart of Chelsea to an even more spacious high-rise office in Canary Wharf, overlooking the rest of Docklands.  Once inside the cab, her job began.

Madison was lucky enough to enjoy her job; daughter of a wealthy family, both her parents had passed away in a car accident several years ago.  The family will had been split according to each of the children’s strengths.  

Kyle, the oldest of the Daniels had a passion for Wall Street, and inherited a rather large reaching stock portfolio, which he carefully managed, and its value grew year in and year out. 

Michael Daniels was interested in collecting and selling fine antiques, and worked for a rather well known auction house in London, inherited the family’s antiques and treasures, passed down from generation to generation. 

Andrew Daniels already held a huge property portfolio by the time their parents had passed on, and was given access to the family’s wealth in property, which was spread across from London, Paris, Milan, and a few other choice cities, all excellent properties.

Madison, busy, buzzing socialite had studied in both Cambridge and “across the pond” to obtain her Masters in Literature.  Her inheritance came in the shape of ownership in an experimental fashion magazine; something her mother had started to dabble in; and unfortunately, did not have a chance to really involve herself in.

As a result, Madison took over the magazine as it’s owner, and soon became involved, changing it’s target audience from the late 50-somethings to a younger, more vibrant audience, with fashion features, insider designer interviews and the jewel in her crown, specially commissioned stories in each and every magazine, had seen her magazine soar above her competitors.  

Picking up her Blackberry, she downloaded all of her emails en route to the office, her PA already having filtered out any SPAM or unimportant information, and had already arranged and diarised her meetings for her, so all Madison had to do was get on with the business of creating and revealing tomorrow’s fashion trends, today. 

Once inside the office there was a buzz; it appears that on her “special” fax, this month’s story had arrived. Now Madison had specific instructions about these stories; they were to be put immediately into a brown envelope, sealed, and left on her desk, with a cup of peppermint tea, for her to drink. No one else was to read the story beforehand, and only herself and the publisher would see the story, or know it’s twists before it was published.

A smile tugged at her lips, knowing that this month’s wouldn’t disappoint. Her writer, a genius and friend she’d met when studying in America, had a very unique way of looking at the world, and ensured that each and every story was as nail biting as the last.

Settling into her spacious office, with one of the best views that the Docklands could offer, her PA blithely filled her in on today’s events, before settling down to a warm cup of tea, and slowly unsealed the brown paper, to scan through this month’s story.


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