Madison Daniels: 4rd October SoapBook update.. Chocolate Enemas anyone?

Make no mistake.

If someone hands you a paper gown, and tells you that it “won’t hurt one bit” run away.

Run away fast.

The chocolate enema was possibly one of those things on Madison’s list in life that shouldn’t have existed, shouldn’t have been contemplated, and more importantly.. shouldn’t have been done to her.

Madison now knew what it was like to give birth – in reverse. She made a solemn promise to herself to either ensure that she kept up her birth control, or when the time came, booked into one of the top private hospitals in London to ensure she had a c-section.

Her magazine had just published a story around an interesting comment made by Public Health Minister Carolyn Flint ( that teenagers smoked to keep their baby’s weight down. Her girls had interviewed a sample number of teenage girls, and then another sample of pregnant teenage girls and published an article with the comments, health risks, and problems associated with smoking when pregnant. It was shocking, really to Madison to discover something like that actually happened…

Looking at her watch, she decided that at 10pm her time, it was fine to call Byron, and praise him on his newest storyline. It was truly a work of art. Rising, and rubbing her sore rear end once, and grimacing she flipped open her cell phone and dialled Byron’s home number. When he picked up, her words rushed out in a heap, as they always tended to.

“Byron, I read your faxed story earlier – Fantastic stuff! If this keeps up and circulation figures keep rising, we will be increasing your premiums.”

Madison carefully combed her hand through her hair, and fiddled with her silken kimono she’d slipped on, now that she was in the sanctuary of her bedroom, enjoying the rare moments of nothing but La Senza underwear, silken kimono, and a huge feather filled bodypillow-come-bed to fall asleep on.

It was then Madison decided to add a glowing review of this spa. So what if the chocolate enema wasn’t her thing, this was pure luxury.

“Also Byron,” Madison tacked on, in the midst of her lounging “did you know there was such a thing as a chocolate enema?”


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