Madison Daniels 5th October Update: Social Sparring

Madison twitched on bed and looked down, smoothing the comforting, fresh white cover over the giant feather bed nervously.

It had been many years since she’d actually seen Byron, but even after all these years, his scathing commentary still made her feel like she was just five years old. “Oh yes. I agree totally” Madison added, her voice dripping with acid “After all, the girls at work insisted I try one for an upcoming article. Aparently, the combination of -”  Her voice cut off in mid-lecture.

“Are you watching television?” She queried, a bit shocked. Even when she’d known Byron, he had insisted on using type-writers, and even now she could still see the occasional ink smudge where he’d have to overtype his mistakes, hardly the sort of man she’d peg as one who would watch the television.

“And by the sound of it Byron, you are getting ready to watch something that truely rots the brain. YOU of all people, the cynic, the downtrodden, the sarcastic binge-complainer, you watch television? Isn’t that similar to the Anti-christ of technology? Does it not drop your IQ several points?”

A slow smile spread over Madison’s face.

She’d scored a point.

After all, how could one justify a typewriter and not a televison.

“Hack and slash movies? Oh please. It is just an excuse to see woman with tight sweaters prance about, before..” she paused for a moment to pull up one of his quotes

“Before satisfying the most primitive caveman urge within mankind; to kill and destroy.”

Madison licked her lips, and awaited his rebuttal, her heart already beating fast.

Oh the memories…

Her and Byron spending countless hours in a local greasy spoon cafe, poking fun at the passers-by, deciding what hidden vice that they would have to have, what sad, pathetic secrets that the most average person would have hidden behind thier perfectly normal exterior.Then it became more personal, poking fun at one another’s virtues and vices.. until it became very personal..

Madison blushed at the memories.

It was on the tip of her tounge to blurt out “Byron, I’m flying out, First class. Tonight. Meet me at the airport..”

Unfortunatly, Madison lacked the courage, even now. She would need to find an excuse to visit..

And fast.


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