Madison Daniels 9th October Update: One careless comment can break the heart.

What’s the sound of a heart breaking? 

“Poor Madison. You were never like this when we were……….”

That’s what it sounds like, or rather, sounded like to Madison. Her jaw actually opened, and a soft gasp of outrage, of hurt, of pain whispered out and over the telephone. Her mouth closed, and then opened, as she thought of a hundred responses to say to him, and they whirled around her mind and then melted away into terrible nothingness.

Madison was all too aware of the terrible, lengthy pause following the gasp over the line. Trying to cover it up, an attempt to speak only resulted in a strangulated squeak, which served to fluster her even more as her jaw clamped shut, teeth gritting so hard she almost could hear them grind against one another in sheer anger.

You were never like this when we were……….”

When we were what?
Flirting? Dating? Kissing? Snuggling? Slipping between the sheets? Basking in the glow afterwards? Arguing? Separating their own ways? Breaking up? Seeing other people?

And like what?

Those questions pulled at her, the tip of her tongue, crying out to him f0r answers. She wanted understand what he was thinking, what he was feeling.

Another part of Madison wanted to be vicious.

An overwhelming desire to hurt, to make Byron hurt as much as he’d just hurt her rose in the back of her mind, until she was seeing black. It took only a moment for this ugliness to rear it’s head, but once it had, there was no turning back. The words she knew would hurt him were on the tip of her tongue, ready to be uttered, ready to slip through her clenched teeth and lips, and stab into his heart.

Sighing softly, she knew those days too were gone.

“I am going to go now Byron. You have my number. Call me if there is anything that comes up..” She whispered over the telephone line, thousands of miles between them and a rather large ocean or two,  her voice trembling to her own ears, as she knew, she just knew, that it was wrong to let Byron under her skin, to let him get to her.

Especially when she was so confused about him.

I love him.. I love him not?

With tears dripping down her face, Madison hung up the telephone


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