Byron Forbes October 11th update. Madison in mind.

Bryon Forbes had not personally dialed Madison’s phone number in years, yet he remembered it as if he rang her often. He possessed a marvelous facility for recall. His memory was of a near eidetic order. His brain was able to retain and remember virtually all images it had captured for the duration of its functional ability. When exposed to an arbitrary trigger his mind recalled images with astonishing accuracy.  In dialing Madison’s number, this ability was causing his mind to become flooded with thoughts of her. Memories of incredibly precise detail.

The time they had been together was the most cherished in Byron’s life. He had had other relationships of course, but none of them had left a such a positive lasting impression. Thoughts of her disarming smile, flowing blond hair and especially those aquamarine eyes danced in his head. He had always been partial to those eyes. They seemed to be preternaturally lit by some internal source. Aquamarine was his birthstone. While Byron did not endorse horoscopes and astrology, considering them insipid testaments to the collective tribal need for belief in higher powers, privately, he felt somehow those eyes had been made just for him. A little nod to him personally from whatever being was responsible for this insane universe. Those eyes displayed to Byron the beauty this creator was hoping to bring about when it decided to allow life to form. Byron had admit, despite its many failures, that being had succeeded marvelously with those alluring pools of neon blue.

Alone he was not a complete person. Madison always forced him to venture out and experience things first hand. Without her, he withdrew into a shell and became isolated. Which to his way of thinking was understandable. What was out there without her? She had been his guide in society. His buffer between himself and a world of boorish clods who followed the guidelines of life to the letter. He could not quite admit it to himself, but he needed her.

As he dialed his mind drifted back to Madison. The good times. Back to those bits of blue fire that passed for eyes and the memories they brought. Ah, the memories. Those were the best things in life. Being able to look back and through the minds eye and remember the more pleasant experiences. He was normally not sentimental or nostalgic but he could not seem to help himself at the moment.

The call was placed and Madison picked up the phone. Her soft lilting voice made the appropriate inquiry concerning who was on the other end of the line. Byron quickly answered.

 “Perhaps we can start again, Madison. Perhaps over lunch. Think you could get away for a few days? Tell them you want to go over a few sections of upcoming chapters of my stories personally? It would give us a chance to catch up. A chance, to talk. A chance to remember the good times we had. I would love to see you.”


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