Mel had just finished putting away the last of the dishes when she heard an odd thing in the abode… voices.

Now, it wasn’t that the home was always completely silent, but she had been around long enough to be able to recognize most of the sounds that did occur. For example, when her employer did decide to watch TV it was generally gory hack-and-slash B Films, or it was the news. She could generally pick out either from across the home. (She could recognize every dramatic reverb there was RIGHT before the monster struck, and she knew most news programs ‘coming back from commercial’ music) but this noise wasn’t really either so she grabbed the duster and moved to investigate.

Under the guise of deciding the TV needing a good dusting, she moved directly into the TV room and found it empty. But still, the sound persisted on. How odd. Had her employer finally REALLY snapped and begun talking to himself? Not that it would be terribly out of his league of odd things… but still. She worried about him.

That was when she heard it.

“Perhaps we can start again, Madison. Perhaps over lunch. Think you could get away for a few days? Tell them you want to go over a few sections of upcoming chapters of my stories personally? It would give us a chance to catch up. A chance, to talk. A chance to remember the good times we had. I would love to see you.”

She threw her duster down in a huff. Sure. He could get over his technophobia to talk to that puffed up, stuck up, prissy… person.

She let out a very frustrated sigh and bent down to pick up the duster. There was really nothing she could do about it and she knew it. If he wanted to throw his life away on that woman then who was she to say anything? After all she was just the hired help..

She fidgeted a little before moving to put the duster away, it really shouldn’t be a big deal to her. Not at all. She was nothing to him and she knew that, but still. She LIKED taking care of him. She would love to do it on a full-time basis… because he wanted her around. But that wasn’t going to happen and she knew it. So she cleaned up and moved to get her things. She’d wait until he was finished with his conversation and then she’d let him know she was leaving for the day.


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