Melissa : Movie Musings and Concerning Conundrums

Her eyes widened exponentially as she straightened. Her head snapped to the direction that she heard his voice come from and while her entire face turned scarlet at being caught, an odd goofy-looking smile crossed her face in order to try and cover it up.

“Um… YES!” she called, looking around a little to try and find a way to justify her actions. “I was just… being clumsy.” she replied before she shook her head a little and batted her forehead with the duster’s handle because she felt so stupid. Clumsy? CLUMSY?!

She knew (and she knew that HE knew) that she simply wasn’t the clumsy type. He was definitely going to ask her something more now (well, at least she sort of hoped he did, because that would mean his phone call had concluded). But anyhow, what she had heard of his conversation, she really did not like.

They had discussions in the past (satirical ones, for lack of a better term) about past relationships. Of how “ideal” they had been. She could tell how much Byron had (at one point) cared for Madison, and how much he cherished their time together. But sometimes, things don’t work out for a reason. She really did not want to see him get hurt again.

So she wasn’t terribly excited at being volunteered to pick this woman up. Wasn’t there an old movie that had a woman driving another woman to meet the same guy, and she offered to take the “Shortcut” which involved them driving into a big lake, and then it was simply a matter of who could get back to shore first?*

She sincerely doubted Madison would even try, it would probably break her nails or something.

The thought soon faded as she took a deep breath and looked down at her watch. Crap. She was late getting supper started.

*(Holiday Inn, in case anyone was wondering.)


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