Madison Daniels 24th October Update: Music Lyrics and more!

Madison had made it to the airport in plenty of time, and met with her PA, exchanged suitcases, and a chuckle from a security guard, who remarked on just how obscenely rich someone could be to hire someone to pack thier clothing.

For Madison, time was money. In this case, she’d also instructed her PA to ensure that not only was her entire CD collection burned to MP3, but all of her tracks were downloaded onto her Archos AV380, and ordered her PA to download a few more new songs, along with the relevant music lyrics, so she could have a study if any really struck a chord with her.

Smiling, she’d plugged her Archos in, and began to relax in style, glass of champange already to hand, courtsey of the business first class lounge. A cut above first class, at least, to Madison. No hanging out in the airport with the plebs, coughing, hacking, snuffling, snorting, and other nasty sounds, and assorted smells.

Soon enough, she was boarded, smirking at her collection of clothing. She had a tiny little red number, that made her blonde hair stand out, and she looked every bit the temptress she was feeling like being. It had been so long.

And red had been his favorite colour on her..

She had her Molton Brown, LUSH and Champneys packed, along with her makeup, her clothing, and an assortment of goodies for Byron, and his.. help.

And his.. help.. will be there.

And she knew that she wasn’t going to get along with another girl’s presence in the house.

At least Madison reasoned, she could send the girl on out to do some shopping or something. Fob her off with a card, or chores. It didn’t really matter what just that she was gone.

Madison wanted Byron all to herself.

If she only knew that at that very moment, temps were dropping, and flying high above the clouds, ice crystals were forming, which would begin to descend as snowflakes, which would clump, and come down as nice, pretty down, fluff.. and then eventually, a blizzard that would trap her in the house, she would never have come out..

Or the secret that it would reveal, which would irrevocably change all thier lives forever.


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