Byron Forbes: Dusk ’til dawn.

The conversation with Madison complete, Byron got down to the business of the evening.  First order was to get in this robe while Melissa started up some coffee. Always coffee never tea. He read once that too much tea caused bones to ache. Arthritis ran in his family so why risk an early preview? And the caffeine in the coffee would keep him awake. With horror movie marathons in full swing, staying awake was of prime importance.

Melissa always brewed his coffee for him. She made a damn fine french vanilla brew which like all her household efforts were preternaturally perfect.  He had often watched her brew the coffee and tried to repeat the recipe for when she had days off. But he never could repeat the process. It was as if the coffee responded to her touch alone. He found this most perplexing and rather annoying. Byron made living correcting people and pointing out flaws. But Melissa seemed to have none.

As if to prove his point she was already in the kitchen brewing a pot of coffee without being told. He glanced into the bedroom and his robe was laid out and waiting for him. She had anticipated his wishes.

Some manner of low end sorcery was at work here, it had to be. How else could one explain her stealthy ways. The fact she managed fold his clothes and turn back his sheets just as he liked without previously being told. He wondered if there was a horror novel somewhere in this. ‘The housekeeper horror’. ‘Maid of magic’. He would ponder this later.

In moments the coffee was brewing and he headed for the bedroom. Once he had changed, he stepped out as Melissa was preparing to leave for the evening. He wished her good night, watching her until she had her car going and pulled away. Being autumn, darkness came quickly in the northeast. He always made certain she was secure in her car. Granted, he lived in an calm suburban area. The town ranked nationally as among the safest areas in the United States to live. But Byron watched the news. He saw what went on in even in the safest places. The raging primitive within the modern caveman could surface anywhere. At anytime. He took no chances with Melissa. He even had her ring the house , two rings then hang up when she arrived home, just to make sure all was well. Not that he really needed too worry. If any lunatic did attack Melissa she would probably fold him and neatly press them as she did his suits. No serial killer, supernatural beast or gang of punks would last two minutes with her.

With Melissa safely on her way he checked the coffee. Just finished. “Incredible. Even the timing is perfect.” He grumbled.

Coffee in hand he stepped into the living room and settled in for the night of movies. As luck would have it there was an comparatively tame early feature. A quaint Japanese horror film concerning the exploits of a prehistoric flying reptile brought back to life by atomic testing. For Byron such fare was a treat. It spoke of dangers of humanity tampering with the natural world. A most ingenious concept.

About midway through the phone rang twice and ceased. Melissa was safely home. Now back to our feature presentation. Two Japanese cities in flames. The army unable to cope with the winged menace. Magnificent!

Next was a British werewolf film. Also cinematic perfection to Byron’s way of thinking. It spoke of the inner beast inside man personified. Jekyll and Hyde with the full moon acting as a catalyst. Classic!

Finally came one of the hockey masked killer films. Byron’s personal favorite. Teenagers engaged in premarital sex or drug use beware. This zombie slayer had the answers for your immoral actions. It was all most impressive! He wondered how any critic or awards show could pan or overlook these masterpieces.

For several hours he watched enthralled by the deviant doings. Finally around 1am he turned in and slept until dawn.  He quickly rose, grabbed a quick shower and slipped into a conservative gray suit. Noting the time called for a taxi. Madison took the red eye which meant she would be arriving in little more than hour. He promised to be there. And say what you would about Byron Forbes, he always kept his word.


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