Madison Daniels: 27th October: Planes, Taxis and Murder on the mind!

How long does it take, honestly for your luggage to arrive?

Madison idly wondered that as she watched her baggage come through the carosel. The answer was bloody long enough! It wasn’t enough that her precious LV carriers were eyed by everyone, but she actually caught someone trying to nick it! Luckily she was eagle eyed and got the security guard onto it pronto. It took only a few seconds for her to rattle off a list of things inside before they were convinced she was the true owner, after looking inside of course.

It was all packed neatly, things still in thier original wrapping in some cases, not yet worn. A fashionata’s dream come true. All the big named lables inside; waiting to be unpacked. Her PA had thrown in a couple of warmer outfits, but for the most part they were light and breezy, as she anticipated the normal cool weather. However looking outside at the light dusting of snow on the ground, she silently decided to gleefully murder Byron, perhaps in a twisted, fitting way for ensuring she would spend her “vacation” cold.

She could always browse the duty free…

Then her heart sunk as she realised that Byron was waiting in the Airport lounge. No time for duty free shopping, cashmere sweaters, or knits. She had an inkling that he’d want to sweep her back to his home as quick as possible, before the snow became too problematic to ensure a taxi would drive in.

Sighing with resignation she put on her best chilled smile and greeted him

“Byron! It is good to see you! ” She exclaimed heartily, and in truth, it was good to see him. He looked older, true, but in a nice, filled-out way. He’d aged in the same way as a fine wine aged; rounded out the rough edges, refined and made it much more.. enjoyable. Except in this instance, Byron was a feast for her eyes, rather then her tastebuds.

Though.. that might still come later.

Her luggage was quickly whisked to the back of a cab and she fell into the backseat with a bit of a tangle. Somehow, with a bit of care and miracle products, she’d managed to be the only passenger who stepped off the plane looking perfect. Her hair was bouncy, vibrant and shiny, not limp, greasy or dead flat like everyone else’s. Her skin glowed, was moist and refreshed, rather the sallow with dark circles and bags under the eyes.

She’d managed to step off the plane, and into Byron’s life every inch the model that she’d left years ago.


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