Melissa Phillips: Since we’ve no place to go…

She knew Madison was going to be coming, but unfortunately, the weather was not going to cooperate this morning with her choice of attire. She sighed as she looked herself over again. A form-fitting sweater and a comfy pair of jeans that she rather liked that was probably one of the more “trendy” things in her closet, but was still probably five years old according to Madison’s standards.

She’d picked up a copy of the last magazine and shook her head. She wasn’t sure why she felt the need to compete for Byron’s notice, because she knew she was going to lose. Who could compete with THAT?

Still, she headed out early just so she wouldn’t have to drive like crazy through the perilous conditions and arrived just about at the same time that she normally did. “Hello?” she called softly and noticed that she seemed to have beaten him from the airport. That suited her well enough.

She moved first to the bedroom to put on the fresh sheets she’d made sure to wash last night and then made sure the hide-a-bed was properly covered as well. She set some ambience with a few candles (but not too many, she knew her employer would comment) but just enough to make the place smell inviting.

She heard the mumbles of people entering and disappeared back into the kitchen. They would be looking for things to get warmed up with… coffee, wouldn’t be a bad time to start breakfast either.

She swallowed a little and rubbed her stomach to will the butterflies away. She just had this bad feeling that something was going to happen. Something that was going to affect off of them profoundly.


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