Madison Daniels Soapbook 6th November Update: Snow, oh! No! Whoa?!!

Madison stared a Byron for a full second…..

Then burst into laughter. “Byron. I swear to gawd! It’s statements like that.. Where the hay do you come up with these strange statements. It’s almost borderline.. geekspeak.” Madison stated quite firmly. “You can do better then that. Much better then quoting some weird or archaic statistic Byron.” Madison shook her head again and feigned that she was going to faint outright.

That was until she saw his home.

“Nothing has changed. I bet you still have that spot that I made on the bathroom wall, where my lipstick hit the wall by accident, and I still have NO idea how that happened, to this day…”

Madison’s voice faded and then she chirped around the corner “Yep! It’s still here! Eight years on..”

She sighed whistfully and looked at that small smudge, which has now become a permanent splodge on his white wall. After so long he wouldn’t be able to remove it.. even if he wanted to.

Then she noticed a few new things.

A woman’s touch. Her lips pursed as she backed out of the bathroom so fast she bumped into Byron who was carrying her suitcase in.

Madison was paler then normal.

“I.. I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you’d found someone else..”


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