Melissa Phillips: Masquerading…

She had heard the voices again as she set the breakfast on to cook. She could help her curiosity and moved to introduce herself. That was when she had heard it.

“I.. I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you’d found someone else..”

Mel couldn’t help that her smirk had formed on her face. Best to pop in now before Byron could contradict her. Best to keep her off balance for as long as she could because she knew that when the two of them got onto equal footing… she wouldn’t stand a chance.

She smiled broadly and offered her hand. “Hello there!” she offered brightly. “You must be the Madison that Byron keeps telling me about!” she said as she glanced over at him. “He keeps telling me of all the wonderful things you two used to do together.” she offered as she continued to smile brightly.

Melissa KNEW the illusion was going to be shattered in a matter of seconds, as soon as the first words were out of Byron’s mouth… but until then… she had won. She could see it in that crushed look on Madison’s face. It just gave her that one moment of self-satisfaction. That was all that she needed right now.

She was more than ready to tell her employer that breakfast and coffee was ready and pretty much everything else he could think of to tell her to do. She was very good at anticipating his whims, after being so close to him for so long, it was hard not to… he had to see that.


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