Byron Forbes:

“Geekspeak indeed. ” 

Byron snorted his retort in reference to Madison’s remarks. Obviously, she was not up on her meteorology. It was a well known fact that western New York received lake effect snow. It was a quite remarkable phenomenon. Seldom duplicated elsewhere on the planet. Too Byron it made the area seem special. Many disagreed while others like Madison did not care. The continuing battle of higher learning vs conforming to the edicts of society. In this case being as they said in his youth, ‘cool’. The latter always seemed to paramount in Madison’s mind. Sometimes her penchant for lowbrow antics could be so annoying. She was better than that.

Shrugging and shaking his head, Byron replied,

“It would seem they don’t have the discovery channel in England. That or someone has been remiss in watching it.”

He smiled to display he was joking. The last thing he wanted was to insult her to the point of having her attempt to head back to the airport. Not that she would make it, the snow was coming down harder each moment. He peeked out the window and saw over 3 inches on the ground already. Soon the city would grind to halt and she would be stuck.

A sly smile crossed his face, but was wiped out as she gave comments about the house. Her suggestion concerning a lipstick stain from years ago on his walls was meant as a joke, but Byron found no humor in it. She seemed to think him some slob relic risen from her past. He played along for the moment, allowing a smile reform, even as he was mulling over ways of putting her in his place.

It was then Melissa materialized in her ghost like manner and made her vague remarks that from Madison’s reply must have made her wonder. It was priceless, the perfect opportunity for petty vengence presenting itself. He moved over to Melissa and slipped his arm around her.

“This is Melissa Philips. An old and dear friend who spends a great deal of time with me. I would be lost without her, would I not my dear?”

Byron worked hard to suppress a chuckle. He knew Melissa well enough to know she would likely catch on and play along. Of course he would reveal the true nature of their relationship shortly. But let Madison wonder a moment.


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