Madison Daniels Soapbook 9th November Update: My heart; out the door, jaw on the floor

Madison could scarce belive her eyes, or her ears.

Byron surely would not have had her fly out half way around the world, to see him, if he had someone, would he?

Of course he would. He’s Byron. Egotistical..

With that, and in a huff Madison tried to open and close her mouth for a few seconds, before she was finally able to squeek out a response.
“I’ll go.. thank you very much.” And with that, went to pull her suitcase from Byron’s hand, intent on trying to get a taxi to take her back to the airport. Miserable, she noted the weather and frowned. The snow was several inches now. She’d most likely be stranded in the airport.. unless she could get the taxi to take her to the 5* hilton, where she would gladly stay, or if not, then the Four Seasons hotel.

Her heart sank however when she realised that ordinary cars were having problems, and the streets wern’t plowed, or likely to be so for some time. This only fed to her fury, and she turned on Byron and the.. the.. girl. Whatever her name was. Melony? Margret? Some-cheap-tart-with-the-letter-M-in-the-beginning-of-her-name..

“I’ll just leave you two in peace shall I? Since you both are sooo cosy and all that.” She managed to wrest the suitcase from Byrons grasp and clunked it down the hall to his bedroom. If she was going to be stuck here..

She was going to make him suffer.

Make them both suffer…..


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