Byron Forbes: The plot revealed

Byron Forbes watched as Madison reacted to the jest with all the flair of a rogue and rabid badger. She was dismayed and outraged. In a word, jealous. For Byron it represented everything he wanted to see from her. She was definitely still interested in him. Not just as a friend, but romantically. She would not flair up so over a friend being involved with someone. No, her actions were those of a woman scorned. It was official, she wanted him.

In all it was an interesting experiment in human nature. The Madison he use to know would agree. If not, if she had become too deeply tainted by the ways of humanity and their primate, reactionary culture, she might, unthinkable though it seemed to him, react with rage. He might even have a purchase a new lamp or two. Fortunately, he had homeowner and medical insurance in case she slipped into extreme raging primate mode. The boyscout credo was one Bryon took to heart: ‘Always be prepared.’

It was time to bring this to a conclusion. But in a way that would hopefully quell Madison’s potential ire. She was highly susceptible to bouts unfortunate emotional upheaval, as her current actions displayed. In such a state she was prone to act rashly. She might even attempt something foolish, like try to leave. That would never do. He did not arrange to bring her here all the way from England to simply have her run back in a huff.  Not that she would make it. For as the old song stated, ‘the weather outside was frightful.’ In fact, it was becoming more dangerous by the moment. She would likely be stuck in the airport for days. If she made it that far. She could just as easily end up caught in a snowbound taxi, stuck in the middle of a blizzard, praying the vehicle had enough gas to keep the heat running until help arrived. Considering the leaflet barring oafs at the airport, it was a coin flip as to which was the more horrible fate.

“Madison.” He said in what he hoped a soothing tone. “Melissa is my housekeeper. She’s here to make us breakfast and clean my home. Nothing more. She is a good friend and charming person, to be sure, but just a friend.”

He said no more, hoping that would calm her enough for rational thought to take over. Then he could explain in Ernest.


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