Melissa Phillips: Just when you think you’re in control…

Awwww… it had all been so wonderful until Byron gave it away and moved away from her. Until then, it had been a great moment from her. She felt rather… appreciated and more importantly she felt hope that there could be something between them. But unfortunately, with Madison’s extreme reaction came Byron’s need to feel like a host.

“She is a good friend and charming person, to be sure, but just a friend.”


Still she offered Madison a small smile. “I really don’t know what sort of lipstick you use, but I’ve tried every cleaner known to man and it simply won’t come out.” she told her quietly before retreating back into herself, quiet, shy, retiring. Most often how she was unless Byron spoke to her. She would probably be even moreso now. The message was clear… this woman intimidated her a great deal.

“But um… breakfast is hot and ready whenever you two are ready.” she offered as she looked between them, offered a small, forced smile to each before retreating back to the kitchen. It had really been a failed experiment where she was concerned, and probably not something she was going to try again for awhile…


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