Madison Daniels Soapbook 14th November update: The penny drops..


That was the sound of the penny dropping, when Byron so smugly introduced his housekeeper. Madison could feel the bile rising in her throat, as she first went very pale, then bright red with fury. It was at the tip of her tounge to lash out at him. To toss some nature of verbal abuse at both Byron and at.. her. She’d seen thier faces. Madison was no idiot. She knew they were both making fun of her, and damnit, it hurt!

Madison decided in that split second..

She knew Byron had played her for a fool, and she wasn’t about to tolerate it. With a frown, she picked up her suitcase, to go back into the room where she was staying, when the housekeeper made that horrible remark about the lipstick. Madison didn’t know back then that the cheap lipstick would actually not only stain the wall, but it also bled through and stained her lips. She had to wear MORE lipstick because they dyed her lips a horrific shade of orange. Something about the oranges bleeding out of the red. It was terrible. When she finally did switch, she had tropicana-orange lips for a long time, and it was impossible to make ANY lipstick look right on her.

If only she’d known then what she knew now.

But for now, Madison wasn’t going to say anything to either of them. She was going to her room..

To sulk.


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