Madison Daniels 20th November Update: Fad diets work! (at getting rid of ex’s)

He wanted her to talk things over?

Was Byron kidding? Still, in a way it was kinda funny the way he tried to talk down to her, using yummy yummy as baby talk. But somehow, the humor didn’t translate well to her anger, and she found her temper rising yet again.

In an attempt to let him know just how upset she really was, she took her Mount Blanc out and scribbled a phrase on a spare sheet of paper, and pushed it under the door, and consequently, right onto Byrons foot.

“I’m on a diet.”

It was all it said, but it said enough. She wasn’t speaking to him, and she sure as heck didn’t want to sit down, and talk this over, not after what that housekeeper said to her, and of course the horrible prank that Byron had played on her. It wasn’t a prank to Madison, it was a deliberate and vicious swipe at her, after she’d travelled so far, and on her own expense.

Well, when the snow would lift, she’d call for a taxi and be back at the Hilton in no time. Then she could put this sorry mess truely behind her.. that was, until the lights flickered a little. With growing dismay she realised that the power was at risk, and as well, the heating.

Sitting in Byrons house in the cold and the dark did not appeal to her.

So Madison did the one thing she could do in this situation; throw herself down onto Byron’s bed and cry at the frusteration and helplessness at the situation she was in.


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