Byron and Melissa

She had picked up the last of the plates to get breakfast ready for herself when her attention was caught by Byron in the doorway. She smiled a little, “Won’t our guest be having breakfast?” she asked quietly as she set the spatula to rest on the side of the pan. “I’m sorry if my words caused her anger. That was not my intention.” she said softly as she moved to set the plate back down. There was already one plate ready for him with almost perfect portions and seasoned just the way he liked it.

Melissa looked up at him nervously and sighed softly, she was still a little miffed by his comment, but it wasn’t worth fighting over. At least she KNEW and that was a great deal better than holding out hope for something that wouldn’t happen, right?

Byron shrugged. “Well, that is the million dollar question Melissa. Frankly, I would say no, but I’m hopeful she’ll change her tune, as it were.”

He realized he had gone to far but was hopeful Madison would relent and come forth to partake of a some nourishment. He heard Melissa worrying aloud that she was to blame. Byron was not going to allow that.

“Don’t blame yourself, my dear. I took the joke a bit to far. Now the big question, how do we get past her anger and get her to come out?”

“Maybe I should go talk to her.” she offered gently as she looked past him to the hallway. “Bring some food as a peace offering, and give her my apology in person.” she looked back to him with concern. “You know her better than I do. Would it be futile?” she asked him quietly before abruptly turning and moving to bring out the juice she had already prepared and had in a glass staying cold in the fridge.

She moved back in with fluidity and set the smaller glass next to the coffee mug before moving to pour his coffee for him. “Was there anything special you needed done? I was hoping to leave a little early today so I could get home before the storm gets too bad… too much more and I might get stuck… I didn’t want to intrude on your time with Madison.” The words were said in earnest, but the intent behind them was clear and the hurt almost was heard in her voice.

Byron thought that over carefully. The idea had merit. Still, now was not the time. He knew Madison. She was in heavy pouting mode. A “diet” indeed! As if anyone with her appearance needed to diet. It as not as if she had love handles or other excess fat to worry over. The woman was absurdly slender and shapely. It was almost discussing how perfectly her she had toned her body. This was all a ploy for sympathy. Letting Byron know she was hurt. He would make amends. But he decided it best to let her sulk a bit, then maybe after she calmed down maybe she could be approached.

“No, not yet Melissa. Keep her food warm and we’ll eat. Then afterward we’ll speak to her and have some coffee with her if she decides to eat after calming down.”

She nodded a little and moved to set the food aside when she got an idea. It wasn’t a common occurrence… but this wasn’t a normal circumstance either. “Well then… since you were expecting company for breakfast… would you mind if I joined you?” she asked quietly with a soft smile as she moved to pick up the plate again and return it to it’s normal spot on the shelf… unless he stated otherwise.

“Not at all. I’d love the company.” He turned to Madison’s room and called through the door. “Look. I am sorry. I went too far. Admittedly so. I hope you’ll not hold it against me. Perhaps we can start over when you wish.”

With that he turned and went to dining area with Melissa. Ever the gentleman, in basic manners at least, he pulled out a chair for his housekeeper, offering her a seat. As always she had prepared what would be a marvelous meal. He often thought if he had not purchased a treadmill, that was down in the basement, and used it daily he would probably weigh 300 lbs because of Melissa’s cooking.

She smiled a little and took a seat gracefully, taking the opportunity to dish up smaller portions while he had gone back to reason with Madison. All in all, she wasn’t minding her presence at all yet. In fact, the woman had made things EASIER on her, if anything else.

She offered a small smile as she looked over at him to take her cue when to begin eating. It was a very lovely opportunity and she wasn’t going to waste it by angering him needlessly.


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