Madison Daniels 28th November Update: What the *&%$! is that?!?

Madison was terribly upset; and as any spoiled, rich child might act, she telephoned her PA, demanding that she do something for her. Hire a snowmobile, a siberian husky mush team, anything that would get her to the Hilton. Her temper
flared so much she decided to go into the basement, where she’d be able to speak without being overheard.

Creeping down the steps, a whole new surprise greeted her, causing her jaw to drop entirely.

His basement had a door, but not just any door. Nor just any wall. His friendly, cozy basement had been turned into steel walls. The door was a good six inches thick as well.
Blinking at this find her eyes went to the bright red and yellow warning sign that adorned the door, explaining exactly what the contents entailed.

Life support for up to 7 people for a period of five years.

Madison wasn’t even aware that her PA was trying to get her attention. Instead, she unsealed the door, and stepped inside…..


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