Madison Daniels 11th December update: Caught.. er.. up in the act?

“The silver is in the utensil drawer and the money is in the safe behind the picture of Niagara Falls. Please, help yourself.”

Madison was terrified. Her tounge clucked the top of her mouth as her mind gibbered for an appropriate response. She’d had a chocolate enema before, so why exactly, was facing Byron so difficult?

“Silver tarnishes. And I’ve already checked. You keep your money shoved under a mattress, in an old sock.” Madison found herself retorting. Obviously she had no clue, and never ever checked under his matteress. Goodness only knew what lived under there. She was sure he had quite a “gentleman’s collection” of nude and pornographic magazines. It would not surprise Madison in the least.

Instead, she bit the comment back and looked at him with genuine curiosity. “I went to call my PA” She chucked the cell phone at him “simply hit redial. Came down here for a bit of quiet. No idea what I’d find. What DID I find exactly Byron?” She pressed, wanting to know.

“Its a bomb shelter of some kind.. but why?” A small flush creeped on her face “And thank you.. for putting my name on one of the doors.”


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