Byron Forbes: The third degree

Byron felt like a hunter who had tracked down a feral beast. He had Madison cornered and like such a creature, she lashed out albeit verbally. With typical rancor and lack of style. He eyed her nonplus for a long moment before replying to her rambling retort.

“Who told you about the money in the mattress?” He said in a suspicious tone. “I deliberately keep my money separated in case thieves find the safe. If they find some there, they won’t check the mattress. A simple ploy to be used against the mostly simple-minded louts that populate this world. Criminals being the lowest of that order I might add.”

Byron leaned against the door, cleverly if nonchalantly cutting off her only escape route out of the room and away from the conversation. He did not mind her finding the cellar shelter. He intended on showing her anyway. He was proud of what he built. His little haven. His place to flee from carnage on the day the fools finally brought their mad society to its logical conclusion, its inevitable end. But for now he simply had to make her squirm a bit. He owed her for that whimpering performance she put on after the little joke he and Melissa played on her. Payment was his due and pay she would right this very moment.

He nimbly avoided the cell phone and observed as it struck the steps behind him. She never did have good aim. Even when they dated she never was capable of connecting with thrown objects. Major league baseball pitchers and National football league quarterbacks need not fear losing their jobs to Madison. She threw like a girl, as it were.

“Sorry, I should have caught that. Force of habit. You did have penchant for aiming objects at me during or previous Liaision. If it’s broken, I shall replace it.”

He grinned impishly and continued, ignoring her crass commentary about the silver.

“What you have found is my sanctuary. What they quaintly use to call a bomb shelter. It’s stocked with enough food, water and entertainment to keep those I deem worthy of continued exsitence after whatever disaster that befalls society befalls,it, for sometime.

I would show you around but it seems you have taken, what my grandfather might describe as the ‘nickel tour’ already. I assume you’ve seen the movie collection and the video game collection, the food, drinks and what have you. I assume you have formed an opinion. A crass and negative one more than likely but please tell me, I’m dying to hear it. Your opinions I have long held in highest regard.”


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