Byron Forbes: Chit Chat

Byron Forbes listened despite his better Judgment to Madison’s rambling dialog concerning that technological albatross, her phone. From her description it could do anything from right the wrongs of society to fly the space shuttle. What was worse was she was actually proud of the device. It was your basic status symbol form of happiness. The pathetic primate within humankind crying out to say to others, I am better than you. My banana tree is taller and bears more fruit. Byron found it a pathetic display on Madison’s part. For Byron, hear this was the mental equal of having bamboo shoved under his fingertips. Did she honestly think he cared? He replied in a sarcastic tone

“Well I must say I am impressed. You talk to all those important people. Does your phone back talk you, and fetch the morning paper? Why I bet it takes pictures and everything. Should I comb my hair while you get the shot of me. And I assume it links up with computers so you can send pictures to your friends. I’m highly impressed, Madison. I’m sure the girls down at the local high school would find you and your phone, how do they say it these days???? ‘Like totally rad’.”

He stopped long for a breath and then continued.

“You are of course correct. I could not pay to repair such a handsome item as this super phone of yours. You see….my current boss shameless underpays me for my highly successful writing efforts. I guess I have a soft spot for her…..always have.”

She shifted conversational gears on to improvements to his basement. Finally she was making sense.

“Very good my dear. I think I’ll look into them. And your ideas for the place are inspiring. Perhaps you would like to take over the development on the place. Interior design has always been your forte.


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