Madison (As posted by Linz)

Madison didn’t back down from Byron’s rant, just the opposite. “why would
I need to fetch the paper, when I can download the news right onto the phone?” She rebutted elegantly “It can talk back, if I upgrade it, but the idea of a mobile with artificial intelligence is going a bit far, don’t you think Byron?”

She questioned, her tone far to saccharine to be genuine. She was deliberately setting the bait for him. “Taking a picture? Oh. Any old phone can do that. This can take video, edit, and stream it up to any website or email for instant distribution. Oh, Byron” She paused, fluttering her eyes at him. “You really DO need to get out more. Rad went out before I even exited high school. It is clear you’re not in with the slang. Perhaps if you spent a little more time in the society that you claim to loath and abhor so much, you might get a better insight into the world, and talk like someone in it.”

Yawning as in her mind she’d already won the battle she pointed to her phone again. “Oh I have a new Tulip laptop as well. If you can call it a laptop. It’s smaller then a conventional handbag. The outer casing is made from moulded plastic and finely ground diamonds. It’s even more expensive then my phone.” She stated, knowing that Byron hated materialistic conversations. “My nails are painted with a solution that also uses diamonds finely ground to add strength to the nail polish. At £50 a bottle, it’s quite exclusive, but worth every penny, I assure you dah-ling.” Madison displayed a fake Za-za accent.

“Now then. My clothing. Every bit designer. Nothing, and I do mean ~nothing~ that I wear would be plain, ordinary. Why? When you have only one life, why not make the best effort to look your best, and to look better then those around you?” She added with a smirk.

”After all, I am now of perfectly acceptable age for marriage in high society. After I leave here, I have a few events to attend. As Editor, it is not only my job to keep my eye on what society is wearing, but my finger firmly on society’s pulse. What is happening? Who is talking about what? What are people eating? Wearing? What perfumes do people prefer? It is a more grown up version of the girl’s bathroom at high school. A much more grown version, with millions hanging off every word that gets printed. I give a nod, and the new Armani dress is in. Or maybe it’s out. Either way, after a run in my magazine, most items quickly become as good as gold dust.” She explained, proud of her accomplishment.

”You see, Byron, I would like to do a piece featuring you in my magazine. I believe I can even take ~you~ and make you over, using a new wardrobe, a facial regime, top stylist and colourist, an elocutionist, and a lifestyle coach to turn you into someone that society would fawn over. You could even become the next big thing.” She added looking at him, her perfectly manicured eyebrows raised as she awaited an answer.

Interior design Byron? Hrmp. I pay people to do that. But.. that’s not such a bad idea. I mean, if you’re going to be in someplace for a long period of time, you might as well make it.. liveable yes? Instead of looking like the bunker it really is. I mean.. I’m not talking about any neo-fads like lime green sofas or bright neon chairs. But perhaps some tasteful decorations, a bit of home to the rather sterile environment.”


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