Byron (as posted by Linz)

Byron listened with amusement to the lengthy commentary from Madison. It
ranged from laughable to outright enjoyable. What was being relayed was a
text book example of one attempting to display her supposedly high social
One wishing to gain the respect of others through materialism. Stylish hand
bags, high technology phones, designer clothes and diamond sprinkled
nail polish. Diamond polish for heaven sake! This was really to much. Byron
was starting to see what he dealing with here with Madison. An honest to
goodness eccentric. Madison was off her gord, as his mother would have
put it. Crackers. Loopy. wacko. Pick your term.

He was not concerned of course. The majority of the primate world was
the same way. Pathetic little beings who wanted to keep up with the Jones’,
as it were. Individuals coveting the possessions of their neighbor and
better one for themselves. My diamond ring is bigger than yours. My giant
flat screen
plasma screen TV is a 56″ inch and yours is only 52″. What a sad lot
the human race was proving to be. Would they never evolve?

Madison prattled on and Byron like a psychologist examinig the ravings of an
interesting patient listened closely, enthralled by her rambling testiments
materialism. It was all quite fascinating but finally he could hold his
tongue no longer.
He had to reply in his usual blunt style.

“I can see you now in my mind, showing off your fashion, phones and
finger nails to flocks of jealous females. I bet that makes you feel so
important. It must be wonderful showing up the other girls and having the
flock to you like rutting moose.”

He had a host of other snide remarks ready to launch at his materalistic
target when Madison’s prattling struck a nerve. She wanted to make him over?
Change his entire image. His clothing, the layout and furnishings in his
At first Byron was dead set against it.

“I have an interesting adversion to having my personal life invaded.
I prefer my private space not becoming the subject of talk around water
coolers over
beers on bar stools, Madison. I have no interest in such nonsense.” He
paused a moment
as she said the secert words that altered his opinion.

“You’ll pay people to do that? You mean it’s all free???” A smile crossed
his lips. The price was certainly right. “Perhaps I have been to hasty.
Maybe a makeover would suit me. And it would allow the world some further
insight into my lifestyle. It might even reach a few Troglodytes and make
better people.”

He nodded, suddenly on board with Madison’s notions. “Very well,
provided of course I have final say on all that is done.”

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