Voice of Reason : Melissa

“You aren’t… seriously considering a makeover, are you?” Mel commented as she finally reached the bottom of the stairs. “You of all people?” she shook her head a little. “You were really even considering selling out?” she said as she looked over at Madison. “And really, don’t go into all the wonders of your phone, it’s obviously last year’s model because you’re carrying it around. This year they came out with the same thing that fits around your wrist like a watch with an earbud.” she explained, trying to shut them both up.

“I really am sick of listening to the both of you argue like this. If I really thought I could leave… I would… but we’re really stuck.” she offered with a soft sigh. “Go look out the window if you don’t believe me, it’s covered most of the front door already.”

She rubbed her arms a little and looked between the both of them. “Honestly, I think we’re lucky to still have power.”

And then Murphy decided to wake up and the light’s flickered in response to her words. She sighed and shook her head. “Should I get a fire going in the fireplace?” she asked Byron gently. “We are obviously going to be here awhile so… we need to try and… not kill each other.” she pointed out as she looked over to Madison.


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