Onward into battle!

“Don’t do it.”  Melissa found herself responding as she crossed her arms over her chest.  “Yes, it’s a wonderful deal to get a lot of free stuff, but in the mean time, you’ll turn yourself into one of those… people that cares for nothing but what other people think of them…”  she turned to regard him carefully.  “You’ll be a sellout.  And you aren’t.  You are Byron Forbes the recluse writer that typically won’t leave the house because you aren’t keen on people.  Putting you in a magazine and on television is an open invite for people to contact you.  You won’t have a moment’s peace again.”  she pointed out as she looked back to Madison.

“My sister is editor of Eye on Fashion.  I keep up.  Doesn’t mean I like it or implement it.  The watch was only a Faux Pas in a select region of the world.  Yours.  It’s all the rage here, Japan, and oddly enough India. Get off your high horse.”  she said, before shaking her head a little. 

There was a long pause before Melissa brought her head up slowly.  “I honestly don’t want to fight with you.”  she said quietly, retreating more into her usual self.  “Especially not now… no one is getting out for a makeover or ANYTHING for a while until someone can plow us out of here.  I really suggest we just… table this discussion for now and find something else we can agree on?  Please?”

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