Byron Forbes was at an impasse. With the sudden arrivial of Melissa into the mix things began heating up to a boil. He watched the two ladies going at it, surprised how heated the conversation became. It seemed to be reaching the boiling point quickly. He tried to calm them down with repeated unsuccessful attempts to inject himself into the discussion.

 “Now Melissa I…Now Madison I’m not sure that…Is the snow getting….But Madison….Surely Melissa that’s understating….Really Madison there’s no need to be…” And so it went.

 He stopped speaking as the two shot thinly veiled barbs back and forth at each other. Obviously, reason did not apply. That became increasingly apparent as his Byron’s eyes darted from one woman as they spoke. It was rather like watching a competitive tennis match. Madison served up a stinging remark and Melissa returned a witty down the line volley retort. Madison hit a harshly stated verbal cross court passing shot. Melissa flipped a well stated drop shot return keeping the ball in play. It was an amazing scene to behold. If Byron were not witnessing it for free, he would have paid money to observe this. The two women were fighting over him. And what a furious action packed battle it had become. All that was needed was mud and bikinis. Or perhaps loincloth skirts and clubs. Too the winner went the spoils. He assumed he was that prize. He moved away slowly to avoid getting personally embroiled.

 Byron was not certain how that sat with him. Too be reduced to a mere bit of prime feed for two squabbling hens to war over was not the most flattering of prospects. Still, being the object of two womens attention and perhaps desire, now that Byron enjoyed.

 But alas like all good things the show came to end as Melissa interjected reason into the discussion.

 I think that is an excellent suggestion, Melissa. We can discuss this later. It appears from what Melissa is saying about the snow fall, we shall have plenty of time talk the matter over and perhaps reach a reasonable conclusion.

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