Melissa – defeated…

It was not true at all!  She had mentioned the big, marketable names but had failed to recognize that the magazine she spoke of deals with design houses… not imitation or even production.  Pure, raw, talent, design, and fashion… something Madison clearly knew nothing about.

But as she continued her tirade, she felt more and more like an innocent puppy being struck by a stick and nearly flinching with every distinct punctuation made until finally her hands started coming up to protect her.  

“You are being unreasonable…”  she offered gently.  “It’s not that bad here…”  she pointed out as she shrunk back.  There just was no way of dealing with this woman!  Whatever Byron saw in her, she simply had no idea.
“I’m just… I’m going to go make some cocoa.”  she offered before quickly retreating the room in case the tears that were burning her eyes started to spill over.

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