Byron on the rampage

He listened to Madison attempt to overwhelm Melissa with her fashion flair. Frankly, he was disgusted but not surprised. It was a typical response from the new overly commercialized, Madison. A woman with values that began at Fendi and ended with Manolo Blahnik. Byron found it a pathetic and unworthy manner of expression. Perhaps bringing Madison here was not such a great idea after all. Even Melissa, who Byron long maintained could be given a hotfoot and not complain was finding Madison’s rants impossible to deal with. And yet, Melissa’s comments seemed to be fueled by more than Madison and her shallowness. But what that something was eluded Byron at this time.
What did not elude him was that fact this rush of rage between these shrieking sirens was growing intolerable. Clearly, it would need the steady, guiding hand of the stronger sex to bring this arguement to a close. Logic and ploys had not work before. It was time for Byron to stand firm.

“D&G, Prada and Gucci.” He said to Madison. “Oh my word. We can’t have a world without those now can me? People might conentrate on important issues. Really Madison I find your attitude most unbecoming. Since when is does name dropping prove a point? In truth nobody cares if magic fairies spun your clothing from golden silk or turned a burlap sack into your oh so stylish purse. Good lord woman, you’re better than that. What happened to the clever, witty girl that poked fun at people who attempted to keep up with
the Jones, as it were? Did she drown in a Cacharel perfume bottle at Madame Soels? Grow up my dear and please stop attempting to impress us with your wealth and position in society. Frankly, we are not impressed.” He spoke loud enough for Melissa to hear despite her leaving the room. Then glancing back at Madison he said. “I apologize. I wanted you here because I care for you and thought maybe that girl I once loved so deeply was still
inside you. I see she has been replaced with spoiled drone that lives to impress and humble those around with her knowlegde of what is hot in contemporary society. It is a sad devolving of a once wonderful persona. You’ll be here a few more days. No Ritz for you, rich girl. Unless it comes from a cracker box. Deal with it.”

He then moved upstairs after Melissa. She was hurt obviously by Madison’s ravings but she was not going to get off scott free. Byron was not going to have this bickering for the duration. He came to Melissa’s door and knocked. He had let his guest have it, so to speak. Now it was time to straighten out the staff.


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