Madison and Melissa: Revenge of the girls…

Melissa Moved around the corner and saw the last of Byron rusing off and sighed as she raked a hand through her hair and shook her head a little. He was absolutely, positively looney tunes sometimes, but what was she going to do about it.

It truly hadn’t been “The Time” as she thought it was and now she was going to pay dearly for it. She got the second cup of cocoa and sat down at the kitchen table as she sipped it silently.

Madison had fumed all the way up the stairs. MEN! How dare he speak to her like that. How dare he! Who was he? A hypocrite.. Stepping hesitantly into the kitchen and knocked on the door jam. “Hey. I owe you an apology.. I was aweful to you.. horrid even..”

Melissa startled just a little and looked up to her. “It escalated far too quickly. I never meant to be… we sort of… got off on the wrong foot and I do apologize for that. But did you… want some cocoa?” she said as she stood and moved to get some for her. “It’ll warm you up properly in no time.”

She smiled over at Madison for a moment and shrugged a little. “Under different circumstances, we probably would have hit it off right away… but with him… nothing is ever easy, is it?” she pointed out gently as she held out the mug to her. “I wanted to be a model for a long time, and just could never get my foot in the door. It’s the same now with my acting.”

Madison listened to what Melissa said and nodded. “Cocoa is good, yes, please, thank you.” As the chocolate was prepared, Madison pondered thoughtfully. “Look. I am serious about that makeover for you – except.. I can call in a few favors. I owe you that much, and get a proper photographer photograph you – develop a modeling portfolio, which I can then distribute to MY people – all of which I’m sure will give you more then a foot in the door.” She stated calmly. “And acting? You can do a test reel – we could make you into a feature if you’d like – how to be a model.. and succeed.” She added with a twinkle. “You’ve got great bone structure, a great voice, and personality. You just have to be a bit more.. assertive.”

“Assertive is the one thing I’m very… not.” she said softly. “In a way, that’s how I ended up here… Byron is very… particular. He knows exactly how he wants things done so I just do them.” she pointed out as she took another sip. “And now I’ve ruined our friendship over a poorly timed comment.”

“He really does care for you.” She offered gently. “And to your earlier question… about two weeks. That’s how long a storm has been brewing. I’m quite sure that he wasn’t counting on me being in the picture as well but… I’m… you won’t even notice I’m here if you don’t want me to be.” she pointed out with a shrug.

Madison shook her head. “If its one thing I know – it’s Byron. he’ll fume, and then he’ll get over it. You needn’t worry about that. He has a bit of an ego, and an active imagination – writers need this of course” She added with a shrug. “But.. I don’t care if he cares for me Melissa” She shook her head, and looked at the girl with surprise. “Really? Two weeks. That RAT! He told me only the day before that it was all sunny skies.” She glowered. “I’m not a happy chappy – but not at you mind, but that he had the cheek to do this. And I don’t want you to be unnoticeable. I’d rather pay attention to you and ignore Byron. Too bad there isn’t a way to get my own back at him for this” She grumbled unhappily

“It was, honestly. We knew we were going to get hit fast and really hard.”

It was then that the lights took a moment and flickered a little. She looked up and sighed as she moved to bring the candles closer to her.

But at that, Melissa paused and smiled a little. “How… much would you like to make that a reality?” she pointed out as she moved past Madison and picked up the DVD that Byron had been looking at before he ran off.

Madison scowled, but not at Melissa. “Thats just wrong – if he knew, and deliberately stranded me. What did he think- that I’d become some sort of worshipful person or something? No. I’ve changed a lot.. and he seems to keep me in this box.. this person that I was many years ago.. but I’m not.” Then what Melissa said gave her a moment to pause “really? To get even with Byron over this? I’d love to. Tell me exactly what I have to do…” a slow, almost malevolent smile spread across her face.

“He wanted a chance to be with you… at any cost.” she explained gently. “But um… if you’re still wanting to get back at him…” she trailed off and held up the DVD and smirked as she looked over at Madison and proceeded to tell her the ending of the movie and suggested they could at least make it look like it had happened… with that, she moved over to the refrigerator and pulled out the bottle of ketchup.

Madison tried not to laugh. “Ketchup is good, but you need to add something to it, to make it slightly brown – like the blood is drying, but something not too strong smelling – or the gig will be up!” She added as she proceeded to get into a position – somewhat awkward. “apply the ketchup liberally. I’ve got one hell of a screaming voice – I can easily best those wimps on the movies

Melissa took one of the matches she was going to use to light the candles and drew it around the edges of the applied ketchup to give it the brown effect. It was extinguished soon after to give it the chance to dissipate in the air before she applied a generous amount to the butcher’s knife she left within range of Madison, then before moving out of sight, she gave her the signal to start screaming before she began tipping chairs over.

Madison took a deep breath and began screaming “Melissa! STOP! Help! No! No! Not the KNIFE! Please.. please! You can HAVE him! You can have Byron – just.. let me go! I won’t tell anyone! I promise! OH MY GOD! HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP ME! HEEEEE-“

Then she cut off in mid-scream, made a sort of gurgling sound as if she were dying, and winked at Melissa before putting her head down.


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