Byron to the rescue!

“Good lord, what have I done?” Byron Forbes thought as a rush of panic flowed through him like a scummy tide. He brought Madison here to rekindle her coldly logical yet vibrant spirit he loved so much. Not to get hacked to death by a raving lunatic.

 If anything happened to her he would never forgive himself. He had to act fast if he was going to save her. There were two ways to go about it.

 The first was to go into the kitchen and confront the threat directly. He could use his sauve personality to charm Melissa away from anything sharp and then grab her. But if she grew suspcious and beat him to the knives, anything could happen. Of course he knew martial arts. He had never practiced it of course, brutality in any form was repugnant to him save on the televison screen, but he saw martial arts demonstrated in movies. He knew what he was doing. In the ‘nightslasher terror’ the surviving teenage girl knew karate and managed to beat the slasher. He pondered this and did a few shadow box martial arts moves. Yes, he could pull it off. Yet, it might be too risky. If he failed and Melissa got the advantage, nobody would be left to protect Madison. Worse, he would be dead.

 The second and probably more sane course would be finding Madison and warning her. In this way if Melissa came running out of a door knife in hand like Anthony Perkins on crack, it would be two against one. He knew from shock theater, that loonies like Melissa had the strength of several people. Even his martial arts skill and manly prowess might not be enough if she got rolling. Best to have Madison with him for back up.

 On tip toes he made his way out the living room and toward Madison’s room. She would likely be there by now. Without knocking he enter and whispered her name. No response. Was she still downstairs? He ventured to the guest room staircase and moved downstairs.

 “Madison?” He called out softly. Again no reply. That is when he felt a rush of fear move through him. She must have gone back up stairs to speak with Melissa. He bolted up the stairs, praying he would not be too late. He heard the screams and the end of discussion.

 “Hold on! I’m coming Madison! I’ll save you!” He yelled. But as he reached the kitchen he saw Madison on the floor and the scene was a bloody mess, literally. “Good lord! I’m too late!” Now it was down to he and Melissa. He was locked away, trapped alone with a madwoman!

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