Melissa and her Monologue

Melissa tried hard to contain her smile from her hiding place as she watched, but she knew Madison must be having a rough go of it as well.  But soon she sauntered out from her hiding place as she eyed him critically.

“This was all your doing, you know.”  she told him softly, gently and in a calm, controlled manner.  “It didn’t have to be like this…”  she explained as she moved toward him with her hands behind her back.  “But I do truly appreciate you giving me the opportunity… with the snow at all.  Cutting off escape routes for both of you.”

She stopped, tilted her head a little and continued to look at him.  “We could have been so happy, Byron.  I would have taken such good care of you like I always have.  It would have been nice for you to notice just once.  I really wish you could have realized just how well matched we really were before it came to this.” 

Her gaze shifted to Madison and she shook her head for a moment.  “No one will miss her much anyway…  I mean, I’m sure people will wonder, but when they eventually come look, well… things will be all over with by then, won’t they?”  she turned back to him and smiled.  “So what have you got to say for yourself?”

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