Byron and Melissa: The final confrontation

It was like a scene out of one his favorite horror tales. A mad woman eliminating the competition then deciding the object of her desire would never have her and therefore planned to kill him as well. How could he of all people have not spotted the signs. Melissa was the strange quiet type that was always the killer in those “B” movies he watched. Byron was wise enough to realize how enough life imitated art. The stories of Jason, Horace Pinker were not as far fetched as they seemed. What was crazier, that or real serial killers. Things like that really happened. People could learn much watching those films closely. Unfortunately, Byron now saw he had not watched close enough. The result, Madison was dead. Dear sweet Madison. The girl he once loved and might have again. But that prospect was gone. Her demise would haunt him throughout the remainder of his life. But he could still avenge her. Looking directly into Melissa’s eyes he stated boldly,

“My doing? What have I got to say for myself? Not me woman, you!” He pointed an accusing finger at Melissa. “You murdered her! You’ve been just waiting haven’t you. You dare care about me! It’s all about you, you sick twisted fiend!

His words were melodramatic and in truth taken from the ‘Chamber maid masscre’ at the climatic scene where the hotel owner confronts the killer. Somehow repeating those lines seemed apt. Byron gazed down at Madison’s shapely corpse and a tear formed in his eye.

“I won’t let you hurt anyone else!” Byron declared and struck a karate pose. He moved his arms with the dramatic flair of skilled martial artist and leapt forward, planning to kick Melissa in the midsection. He was not planning on holding back despite the great size different between he and young housekeeper. He knew from those horror films insane people had the strength of several men. He had to put everything he had into taking out Melissa. Then, without further delay he launched a kick toward the knife wielding maniac, prepared to end her demented plans for good!

When Byron launched into his karate moves, the hand with the knife it in fell to her side as she rolled her eyes and heaved a great sigh. “Yes yes, blah blah…” she responded, rather becoming bored with this game quite quickly. She looked over at Madison, thankful that none of the ketchup was over anything that would stain too badly or her hair… that stuff was icky to wash out…

And back to the subject at hand.

Byron had never been one to practice karate moves with anyone that knew what they were doing, and as this was not orchestrated in any way, Melissa had no trouble taking a step to her right and evading his blow, which would probably leave him in a puddle of ketchup… but that was his own fault.

*He launched himself forward…sure that all those many karate moves he had witnessed on TV would work here. After all, although he was never formally trained he was an expert observer. Once you had the moves memorized, that was all that mattered.

He moved, but Melissa, to his shock and surprised sidestepped him. His foot that was on the floor for support hit something slippery. In a moment of horrible realization he knew it must be some of poor dead Madison’s blood. The results were easy to predict. Byron lost his balance an crashed to the floor with a sickening thud.

He was for a briefest of moments he was stunned…than as he got his bearings he looked up….and saw Melissa standing over him…knife in hand. He was helpless…at the mercy of this mad woman! And he did the only thing he could given the circumstances. He screamed, knowing his life was soon to end!

She sighed and shook her head. “Heart of a lion… haven’t you?” she said as she put the knife close to him. Not so much, as he was likely to thrash around or something, and she didn’t want to accidentally cut him.

“But you don’t have to worry Byron… I’m not going to cut you open.” she told him with a sweet smile. “The poisoned cocoa winding it’s way through your system should do the trick for me.” she told him as she leaned back and crossed her arms as she watched him, waiting for him to take that home and chew on it.

She just hoped this is what Madison had in mind. She was probably going to go over and offer her a hand up any moment now, and leave Byron gaping in stupor while they go do something else, leaving him to fend for himself for awhile.

Byron’s eyes widened with fear as the knife drew close. It was all just in the movies. Only he was not playing the part of a hero. Instead he was the victim. A knife across the throat and he would meet his end. Oddly none of the things that were suppose to happen did. No life flashing before his eyes. No moment of strange contentment came over him. It was just him and the knife.

He decided to be brave and mentioned as much to Melissa. “No. I will not give you the satis……..”

He paused as she mentioned the coco. Good lord, it was true. He could see it in her eyes. He felt himself cramping up and grabbed his stomach.

“You witch! You’ll never get away with this! The police will piece this together and lock you away forever!


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