Madison: Blow my brains away!

Madison had her eyes closed, but she risked a slight peek now and again when she knew that Byron’s back was turned to her. It took all of her self-control to listen and not laugh as Byron jumped to the illogical conclusion, and in the back of her mind, Madison figured that Byron would not be too quick watch another horror movie after that.

Then she heard the poisoned cocoa twist.


Simply perfect. That would get Byron freaked out beyond anything. Psychosomatic disorder. And sure enough, before she could say “I told you so” he was moaning and blowing out a bunch of hot air, convinced he was dying.

It was then that Madison stirred, during Melissa’s revelation.

”Braaaaaains” she managed to moan in a low, raspy voice, sounding not unlike a deep-throat adult phoneline caller. “Braaaaains” Madison moaned again as she managed to clumsily get to her feet, keeping her head bent at an awkward angle, so it looked like her neck was broken, as she stared ahead vacantly at Byron, trying to portray a Zombie.


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