Byron: Realization

He was in agony. The pain from the poison was coursing though him. He could feel it. His joints were stiffening and his muscles contracting. After all the he had done for Melissa, how could she do this to him. He gave her a job. Let her clean and take care of him. Let her proof read his material even before sending it off to Madison. Let her run most of his errands and this was the thanks he received. Death in a manner most foul. Well he was not going down without a fight. He tried to scramble to his feet, but the effects of poison were too great. The agony to intense. He could hardly move.

 In desperation he put his finger in a blotch of Madison’s blood that he had slipped on previously. He was going to write Melissa’s name on the floor for the police to find, literally fingering her, as the old police saying went. But he suddenly realized it would not work. Melissa would see. Besides, she was such a fanatic about cleaning even if she failed to see him write something incriminating she would surely mop it up later. C.S.I. was no match for her.

 That is when he heard it. A voice nearby saying, braaaaaaaaains? He blinked and looked over. Madison? Alive? Impossible. He looked at her noting her neck seemed broken. Then again it came, braaaaaains.

 “What the devil? No. No way. You didn’t? You couldn’t?” Even his bewildered mind was starting to catch on. “You did?”

 That is when Melissa broke up laughing and spilled the beans, so to speak. She even had the nerve to offer Madison more coffee.

 For a long moment Byron sat there, taking it all in. A trick. A stinking, lousy, rotten female trick! His stomach twisted in knots. This time not from some phantom poison, but rather from embarrassment. His facial expression twisted as if he had bitten into something rotten. He had been had and he did not like it. Already his mind was turning to thought of vengeance. Vengeance most foul!

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