Madison Daniels: One hand over her mouth

Madison giggled as she stood up fully, brushing her clothing off and looking over at Melissa, struggling to keep the breaths from escaping by clapping a hand over her mouth.

“Oh god. The look on his face. Priceless.” She stripped off her jacket and gave Byron a big hug, to show no offense was meant. “Sorry, but we just felt we had to do that.”

Turning to Melissa “let me help you with that cocoa. Maybe we can play scrabble afterwards? Or what about a game of Risk or Monopoly?” She queried, suddenly a lot more relaxed about their being stuck together. In fact, she wasn’t jealous of Melissa and Byron anymore… Just the opposite, she decided on a clever plan to fix the two of them up together.. that would hopefully work, with a little bit of help from her design team, and Madison of course.. But for the moment, she’d have to start putting the wheels into motion.

“Why don’t you two gather stuff so we can make a snowman, whilst I
go have a quick shower to clean up?” She questioned, hopefully innocently enough.


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