Melissa: The winddown…

Melissa looked outside again and shook her head.”It’s still a bit icky out.I’m not ready to risk it just yet.” she explained with a soft smile. Madison wasn’t nearly as bad as she had originally perceived her to be, and that brought a great deal of comfort to Melissa. If Byron was looking to rekindle some old flames, she wasn’t going to stand in the way… Madison wasn’t going to take her job and they could continue on as they always had done–there would be nothing wrong with that.

“I seem to have forgotten…” she said as she turned to Byron, “Isn’t there one of those movie games around here? I know there are things in the closet upstairs. I’ve been meaning to clean it out but haven’t gotten around to it yet…” she admitted, knowing he hadn’t noticed at all.

“And be careful, I’ll get the ketchup cleaned up in a moment, but we don’t want you to fall in the meantime.” she said, looking over to Byron and smirking broadly.


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