Byron Forbes: Revenge is a dish best served cold

Byron had been had. And worse he had been had by two women. They had taken advantage of his vivid imagination and played him for a fool. Needlessly to say he was not pleased. For one of the first times in his adult life he was at a loss for words. Of course this would not go unpunished. Did they honestly think that he was going to humiliated by women so they could throw this up in his face in the future. Not hardly. It would bad enough if a man did this but women, that could be allowed to slide, so to speak. Women were useful in the world, of that there was no doubt but when they started acting like equals something had to be done to put them back in their place. As his late pious father long maintained, women sprang from Adam’s rib, thus they were a cheaper cut of meat.

He had to get even. Just for the fact Madison was having such a good time with it. And so he would. But he had be crafty. Too simply say he was going to get even would put them on their guard. That would never do. He had to plot and plan, pick his moment when he would get revenge. For now he had to come across as good sport and when the time was ripe, strike and strike hard. And do so in such a manner as to let them know they had been bested.

“Very good ladies. I must admit you did put one over on me. But really Melissa, you took an terrible chance. With my skills in the martial arts I might have injured you badly. Still, it was a good joke.” He offered a pleasant smile that masked the scheming within.

A Snowman??? Madison please…it’s a raging blizzard. We should heed Melissa and wait until things settle down before considering….” He stopped in mid sentence, realizing the possibilities. Snowballs, tossing the girls in snowbanks, and other wintery forms of vengeance. And as he pondered a sly smile crossed his face. “On second thought, that is a fine idea. Just stick close to the house and we will be fine. Cleanup and find the board game later, Melissa. It’s time we had some fun.”


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