Byron Forbes: Fool me twice, shame on me.

Madison thought she was being clever. She grabbed a shovel to create a snow fort. It would protect her from a frontal assault but she made one glaring istake, she built it too close to the house. The front awning overhung her position. A well placed snowball or two would bring all that fresh snow down on top of her.

Byron chuckled under his breath. It was an inspired plan. One worthy of a genius. Byron in his heart of hearts believed he was a genius, so it all worked out well, at least to his quirky manner of thinking. It would be the perfect revenge. And then he could turn his attention to Melissa. He would devise something even more special for her. Byron would pick them off one at a time.

At this point he began to build his fort. His construct was dug out snow piled up eight inches high between he and his foes. It was not much protection, but then would not need much. A few shots to the roof and Madison would be down, out and frozen stiff. And he would make a beeline for the front door before the shock wore off.

He was in the process of building his modest fort when Melissa rose and went over to Madison’s fort.
Oh what was this, the girls sticking together? Two on one. Excellent. He would get two for the price of one.

From his location he could not see what was occuring….so he rose to check things out. The game had not started and they agreed not to begin until all forts were complete. Suspecting a trap none the less he armed himself with a pair of snowballs and came to see what was occuring.

As he arrived he saw Madison lying in the snow apparently bleeding from the head. Melissa called for his hat, Byron did not believe this was real for a moment, not after the prank they pulled earlier.

“Oh please ladies. Try something original.” He chuckled. “Do you think I don’t know fake blood after your previous jest at my expense. You insult my intelligence.


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