Byron Forbes: Into Action

At first he thought it all an elaborate joke. Another crude attempt to fool him like the prank pulled in the kitchen minutes before. But then Melissa
went to great pains to express it was not. Madison was really hurt.

“Good lord!” Byron exclaimed as it dawned on him this was real. No more jokes or insipid games, this was a true emergency. He did not hesistate. First he handed her his hat as she requested so she could apply direct pressure on the wound. Then,without delay he rushed up the front porch stairs and into the house to get the first aid kit. Where did Mellisa say it
was… oh yes… by the stove. He searched a nearby cabinet and found it in short order. Quickly he bolted out of the kitchen and back outside. There he handed the first aid kit to Melissa.

“Here do what you can to control the bleeding. The snow will help. The cold weather will slow the blood flow. And direct pressure as you said. Good. But shock, yes…we need to keep her as warm as possible but we dare not move her.

He ran back inside to the bedroom. A moment later he emerged back outside once more with several blankets.

“I’ll cover her….try to warm her as much as possible. Oh yes, gently raise her head above her heart, it’ll slow the bleeding” As he proceeding to cover Madison, Byron did something he had not done since he was a child, he prayed, mouthing a silent prayer, begging whatever higher power might exist to give Madison the strength to see this through.


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