Melissa: Panic sets in…

Melissa looked over at Byron. “It’s going to be a bit before they can get out here.” she told him seriously.”It would just be a big accident waiting to happen… and we can’t have that.” She took a deep breath and tried to calm down. “I’m going to need to try to do as much as I can. But I need you to stay calm and help me. okay?” she told him as she licked her lips nervously and felt the vertebrae at the back of Madison’s neck. “Okay… no serious damage to her neck, that’s good… that’s good. Um… I think…with the blankets… let’s…”

She gently laid Madison back down on the ground as she stood and started folding the blankets upon themselves to create a makeshift gurney. “Let’s get this under her and see if we can’t make it to the dining room table. A Hard surface to keep her stable, supported and out of the cold.” she explained as she sniffled and wiped away the tears that threatened to fall.

This was already taking a toll on Melissa. She really hated to see anyone in pain. How Byron could even conceive that she would be able at all to even have a fleeting thought of murder, was beyond her…

“Madison? Hey… hey there… can you hear me? Just wanted to let you know that we are going to get you out of the cold and the EMT should be here soon. Really soon. Okay? If you could answer me, let me know you’re okay… that’d be really good… and um… please wake up? I don’t want to do something wrong… please just be okay?”


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