Things were moving fast. So fast Byron could hardly keep up. He had seen scenes like this played out in movies. Always someone in need of help, dying, injured what have you. And always what happened? People in those stories tended to be useless. They ran around in near panic while the person in need died or whatever the script was commanded. But this was no movie. Nor was it one of his novels. It was reality and he could not afford to lose his cool….as it were. He had to stay calm and in control for Madison’s sake. If she died because of him, he would never forgive himself.

 “Yes. Right.” He replied to Melissa in a shaky tone. “I’m cool. Like a cucumber. We’ll see her through this together.”

 *He listened carefully to what Melissa was suggesting and followed her lead. He was amazed she was so under control. He had to hand it to her. It was all he could do to keep from falling apart. But he maintained his composure with some effort and did as Melissa instructed.

 Gently, he lifted Madison in his arms and with a slight assist from Melissa who kept Madison’s head at a proper supportive angle, together they brought her inside to the table. Along the way Melissa spoke to Madison, hoping for some reply. While they awaited response, they reached the table and Byron set her down. He swiftly covered her with several blankets. He could only hope that and the warm interior would hold off shock. That and he prayed Madison had done no physical or mental damage to herself in the fall.

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