Madison: I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore Toto

brought Madison around, as her eyes cracked open. The first thing that
hit her was the fact the lights were too bright – but then to both
Byron and Melissa, that would be because her pupils were unnaturally
large and her eyes unfocusing.

“My head” she managed to mumble, though her tounge seemed too large
for her mouth, or maybe her head was too small. Everything sounded
wrong from her ears, and her head felt like it was a Halloween Pumpkin,
scooped from the inside out.

She made no response to her name – or in fact no indication that
she recognized it in the first instance. Instead, her eyelids fluttered
back closed.


The Ambulance had made it very clear to Melissa and Byron that it
would be at least several hours before the roads were cleared, and in
that case, that the ambulances would be dealing then with those that
were more severely injured – hypothermia, frostbite, car accidents, and
whatnot that always arose with the blizzard-like conditions that raged
on outside thier window.

The advice was that which Melissa was following, but the dispatch
operator did not wish to give them false hopes – that the earliest an
ambulance would be arriving would be probably 6-8 hours, depending on
the backlog, but that she’d get a doctor to call to the house every
hour or so to see what was happening.

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