Byron Forbes: Helping out

April 10, 2007

“6 to 8 hours?” Byron exclaimed when he heard the amount of time the ambulance would take to get there. “Rustic clods! A person is in dire straights and they have no way to reach us.” His anger rising he yelled at the phone. “Simians! Try 4 wheel drive!”

 Madison was coming around about then. He smiled at this development. He had been growing worried. The TV show he watched people receiving head injuries fell into comas and never recovered. You had to be very careful with head injuries. You needed to have plenty of towels and boil water….he shook his head… that was for giving birth. With head injuries you had to keep the patient awake and as alert as possible. Melissa was doing a fine job with that.

 She took command of the conversation. Normally Byron might have objected but Melissa had a cool head. She was always in control it seemed. Byron had once thought about running her to the local clinic for blood tests. He was quite certain that ice water rather than blood flowed through her vain. Of course if the clinic was as efficient ambulance service the tests would take hours to take, and the years to the results.

 He nodded as Melissa informed Madison of the situation. “That’s right Madison. We’re both going to help you through this. You can count us. If you are feeling up to it, I will fetch you some fresh clothes. Being the gentleman that I am I will then excuse myself from the room.”

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Melissa watches too much ER

April 6, 2007

Melissa smiled broadly.  Bringing Madison back around was a rather big accomplishment.  She sank down in the chair and let out an exhale.  “Madison?”  she asked gently.  “Hey.  You hit your head, and it’s going to take a bit for the ambulance to get here.  So Byron and I are going to help you.”

She smiled gently as she looked over to Byron, hoping he’d also add something to keep her calm and collected.  “We’d like to change you into something that isn’t so wet.”  she pointed out.  “But we need you to be in enough possession of your head to keep you stable.”

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