This week on Soapbook

October 7, 2006

This week on Soapbook

While the Monday through Friday is really the meat and potatoes of this operation, consider this, the weekly recap to be the sorbet between courses to help you cleanse your palette so you’re ready for what happens next.

This is also where we will ask you, the readers for input.  What do you like?  What could be better?  Where do you want to see the story head?  Who do you love to hate and conversely, hate to love?  The more feedback that’s given, the more you can see what you want written on our pages!

With that being said…

We first get a good introduction into our two flagship characters, Madison and Byron

Madison is revealed to be an Eastern European socialite who is the crest of the wave when it comes to trends (She has to be, because being an editor of one of the most prestigious fashion magazines doesn’t give you much wiggle room.)

Whereas Byron is a self-imposed hermit who probably hasn’t REALLY looked at a magazine in years.  However he is a well acclaimed writer who does fax in stories to be published in Madison’s magazine.

Later, Madison receives the first peek at Byron’s newest story, and prepares herself to indulge in the newest craze to hit her area… the chocolate enema.

We also receive a glimpse into Byron’s writing style.  He truly has sheltered himself from the outside world preferring the comfort of books to computers and magazines.  However, in order to keep up with the times, he does on occasion indulge in a little television viewing, this is how he discovers the trend that he is unaware Madison is indulging in.

We then get a few details of Madison’s experience, and she initiates a phone call to Byron to praise him for his latest masterpiece.  He humbly accepts the praise as he then proceeds to gawk one she mentions the fact that she has indulged in the newest sweet luxury, then proceeds to chastise her for it.

While Madison feels the need to defend herself, she also finds a way to take a jab or two right back at him, poking fun of the telltale signs that he has a TV on in the background.  It is Byron’s turn to be on the defensive, and even during the verbal phone tag, they both find they were wanting to see each other once again.

Comments?  Concerns?  Conundrums?  Catastrophes?

We want to know what YOU think!

Plus! Stay tuned tomorrow for a teaser!