Passing in, passing out & going under!

March 15, 2007

Madison was over the moon

Not only was she going to get into a snowball fight with Byron and her newfound friend Melissa but it was going to be a ferocious fight.

They’d agreed to the rules beforehand – a ten-minute build time, everyone got a bucket, a shovel, and no hard-packing the snowballs. They had to propperly “splat” on hit.

Madison was one step ahead of them, and used the shovel to create a fortress to which she could duck behind and not get splatted by – which would be handy, and then started quickly making as much ammunition as she could lay her hands on, grinning like a maniac during the process.

Soon the 10 minutes were up and everyone gave the signal, and drilling a tiny peep-hole in her fortress she then spied where Byron was, and lobbed the snowball in an arc – splatting him neatly and drawing “first blood”

Upon retrieving another snowball however she hit an unseen patch of ice, which only served to become even more slippery under the soft snow, and she landed – hard, and at a completely wrong angle.

Her head hit the ground first

Then her body followed.. but by that time she was out cold.

Madison couldn’t see anything, which was good because there was a fair bit of blood from a small cut on the back of her head…